Mahatma Gandhi and Coyote

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photo by Jan Myers

                      photo by Jan Myers

Words of Gandhi that speak for all Life ~

“When I despair, I want to keep remembering that the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible. But, in time they will always fall….think of it…always.”

His words are true for Coyote and all our fellow beings that are not of our human race.

But….Gandhi did not only speak these words. He took action!

So must you. Use your Voice and use your talents. What you speak and what you do matters!

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Killing Coyotes ~ the Unseen Suffering

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Coyote pups ~ research photo of Dr. Dan Harrison

Coyote pups ~ research photo of Dr. Dan Harrison


They are tiny, blind and helpless, depending completely on their mother and their father for survival.

Coyote parents are completely devoted to their pups ~ keeping them warm, fed and protected from danger. They will do everything in their power to help them survive.

BUT….. what happens if one or both of the parents are killed during this extremely vulnerable time in their lives? If the father is killed by humans, then the mother (who NEVER leaves her newborns) is forced to leave them and hunt for food for herself so she can survive. If she is forced to do this and she is killed…….it is certain death for all their pupsa death by starvation and hypothermia. And it will go on unnoticed in hidden away dens where no one can hear their cries and whimpering of suffering …calling for a mother who cannot return.

See below a link of just such a scenario….except….this mother Coyote gave birth to her pups under a family’s porch…and her whimpering dying pups were heard. And again this week in Cape Elizabeth, Maine a tiny coyote pup whose eyes were still not even open was found in a person’s backyard ALONE. What happened to the pups mother and father? These are manifestations of a hidden violence to this species.

KILLING COYOTES YEAR ROUND speaks of an immense disrespect toward the suffering of this intelligent, highly social being. LET US HONOR THEIR DESIRE TO LIVE.

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Our Laws ~ Why do they NOT Protect Coyotes?

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photo by Dave Conlin

photo by Dave Conlin


Coyotes, our Native Wild Dog of America has next to NO protection from human persecution IN THE 21st CENTURY in this country?


The following is a quote from a legislator that says it all…….

“The legislators do not deal with reality – we deal with the public’s perception of things. Sometimes they’re the same, sometimes they’re different, but regardless, the public’s view of things is what has to be addressed.  It’s sort of like dealing with rumors; if the perception differs from fact, there are two courses of action we can take. We can either correct the public’s (mis)perception, or treat it as if it were reality. The latter makes for really bad law, but it’s by far the easier of the two, so we get a lot of laws.” Jim Elliott, Montana. legislator

How do we change “mis-perception” and thus have laws based on reality?  We need to educate ourselves and our children…and pass on to the future generations the true reality.

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Maine’s Real Hunters

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photo by Christine Hanrahan

photo by Christine Hanrahan


If these two Coyote mates could speak…what would they say to you….

If you are a landowner in Maine, and you have a Coyote family living on your land…they are creating a healthy landscape for you to live on…..for all they do to keep your land healthy, they would ask this of you, “Protect us from those who seek to kill us.”

Until the laws of Maine protect this important carnivore, Coyote….


During hunting season, welcome our real and ethical hunters on your land if you wish. But as a landowner I encourage you to BE THE LAW ON YOUR LAND and not allow those who would kill coyotes for the fun of it, and have their dogs chase Coyotes to their death…and then tear them apart.

When that activity happens on your Land….what happens to you…inside….?

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Hunting Season in Maine

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portrait by Geoffrey Vollers

portrait by Geoffrey Vollers


Over a 100 years ago, hunting regulations were put in place here in Maine….for two reasons…

The first reason~ to protect wildlife populations from the “free for all” exploitation Europeans placed on all our wildlife. If not, there would be no wildlife to hunt today.

The second reason ~ to henceforth control human behavior toward our wildlife in the form of limited hunting times and numbers to be hunted.

The result ~ Real Maine subsistence hunters are able to hunt today.

Who do you ask are the real Maine hunters? And I have met many of them….. They are the hunters who RESPECT the animal they are killing, they kill them HUMANELY, they EAT THEIR BODIES …no waste.


* Year round killing, with no restrictions regarding the number an individual can kill.

* Kill them any way you want.

* Killing during the night year round with the exception of a short time from September through December.

* Coyote killing games for fun and sport are permitted.

* The use of Coyote’s fellow domestic dogs to chase them down and kill them is permitted.

Are these hunting regulations …. or…. are they permission for exploitation? Why do we allow this abuse?


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Wild Mustangs and Coyote

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On any number of occasions, community members will ask me, “Are Coyotes endangered?” You know….this is an interesting question.

What do you think is the underlying thought process behind that question? Should we be concerned about them if there are only small numbers of them left, and not be concerned if this is not the case.

Or should we be concerned about something even more complex and important…..our view of ourselves in relationship to other life on our planet.

Today our Wild Mustangs, like Coyotes are in serious danger due to the relationships toward our wildlife that too many individuals hold……it the relationship of complete disregard for any other life beside their own.  And these “relationships” flow from belief systems rooted in greed and the need to control…..and this control expresses itself in immense violence.  Sadly, Government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of the Interior  carry out the violence to our wildlife for these individuals….and the rest of us and our children that come after us have lost something of immense value.

Slaughtering our wildlife like this is destroying ~

their way of life and culture, knowledge past down over the millennia,

their diversity of rich genetics needed to sustain their health and well being,

their vital role in creating healthy ecosystems

the complex relationship of predator and prey

and all this loss…….affects us in ways we can never imagine.

SO SPEAK UP IN YOUR OWN WAY AND IN YOUR WORLD. Speak up for the protection of America’s wild dog, Coyote and our Wild Mustangs. (I would encourage you to go to The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary website …..this sanctuary was started by Dayton Hyde…a cowboy…..who has been speaking up his whole life for Coyotes….now he also speaks for the Mustangs…they are both In danger )

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