Wild Mustangs and Coyote





On any number of occasions, community members will ask me, “Are Coyotes endangered?” You know….this is an interesting question.

What do you think is the underlying thought process behind that question? Should we be concerned about them if there are only small numbers of them left, and not be concerned if this is not the case.

Or should we be concerned about something even more complex and important…..our view of ourselves in relationship to other life on our planet.

Today our Wild Mustangs, like Coyotes are in serious danger due to the relationships toward our wildlife that too many individuals hold……it the relationship of complete disregard for any other life beside their own.  And these “relationships” flow from belief systems rooted in greed and the need to control…..and this control expresses itself in immense violence.  Sadly, Government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of the Interior  carry out the violence to our wildlife for these individuals….and the rest of us and our children that come after us have lost something of immense value.

Slaughtering our wildlife like this is destroying ~

their way of life and culture, knowledge past down over the millennia,

their diversity of rich genetics needed to sustain their health and well being,

their vital role in creating healthy ecosystems

the complex relationship of predator and prey

and all this loss…….affects us in ways we can never imagine.

SO SPEAK UP IN YOUR OWN WAY AND IN YOUR WORLD. Speak up for the protection of America’s wild dog, Coyote and our Wild Mustangs. (I would encourage you to go to The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary website …..this sanctuary was started by Dayton Hyde…a cowboy…..who has been speaking up his whole life for Coyotes….now he also speaks for the Mustangs…they are both In danger )