Bringing Nature Home

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Bringing nature HomeSPRING IS HERE!


And in that context, I wish to share my thoughts. I was asked to give a presentation on Coyote’s important role in the ecosystem of Acadia National Park in Maine. This year is the 100th Anniversary of this beautiful Park, and when it was created the howls of our wolves had been silenced, and the landscape had experienced the destruction of the saw. But now the howls of the Coyote fill the night.

Yet this is a small National Park, and the coyotes need more than it can offer. They need to leave the park, yet when they do, they are persecuted and killed. Protected lands are very important for carnivores and a healthy biodiversity for the planet. But they are not enough!

We need to look at the places where we live, our back yards whether they be small or vast. They are ecosystems that need to be healthy, too. Our carnivores need to be protected from human persecution everywhere. The more we see the land that WE LIVE ON as our responsibility to make whole again, the more we will re-create the beauty of our planet once more.

That is why I also share Douglas Tallamy’s wonderful book Bringing Nature Home. Nature isn’t somewhere else far away….it is right here. Let us re-create our planet for all life!

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Coyote ~ A Wild Creation

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photo by Ellison Photography

photo by Ellison Photography


and understanding the Wild Ones place as well.

When writing of our human experience of wildness and what is it in our human perspective, environmental historian William Cronon wrote in Incommon Ground….

“We are made to acknowledge that they [wild beings] are not of our making, that they have little or no need of our continued experience – they recall for us a creation far greater than our own. They have their own reasons for being, quite apart from us.”

And so …. each experience that we have with Coyote … is an experience of that wildness. When we come to truly understand what this wild being brings to us….just maybe we as humans will shift how we treat them.


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Rachel Carson and the Balance of Nature

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In her book, Silent Spring she alerted the world of the very dangerous road our species was taking by the massive use of powerful, toxic chemicals and the continued dropping of practice A-Bombs and H-Bombs on our planet in the last century.  Restraint was placed on this behavior, but we have a very LONG way to go yet.

When it came to the use of toxic chemicals used as pesticides, the perception was that humans should CONTROL NATURE ….that nature needed to be controlled by us.

When responding to a group of chemical company executives who were challenging her, she answered: “Now to these people apparently the Balance of Nature was something that was repealed as soon as man came on the scene. Well you might just as well assume that you could repeal the law of gravity.  The Balance of Nature is built on a series of relationships between living things, and between living things and their environments. You just can’t step in with some brute force and change one thing without changing many others..”

SHE MAY WELL HAVE BEEN SPEAKING OF COYOTE ~ The life and work of this important carnivore is related to all other life. And so why does our society continue to allow the use of brute force on them?

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Our Common Ancestry

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photo by Janet Kessler

photo by Janet Kessler

We all share a common ancestry with the myriads of life on our planet Earth.  We are not separate from Coyote, whether we recognize this or not. The following short video portrays more than any words can express about how we are all connected. This man, driving along a road with his friend sees a Coyote caught up in a barbed wire fence…….and watch what he does….and watch what the Coyote does…do they both know…

Coyote Caught on a Fence


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Coyote ~ Teacher of the Wild

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Photo by Forest Hart

Photo by Forest Hart


Not so long ago I needed to travel by plane, and I felt almost suffocated by the technology being used all around me.  Everywhere in the airports and on the plane people’s faces were in their IPads, their computers, cell phones, and the never ending new technology.

Who have we become?  Is it who we really are? Have we lost the realization that we live in a world older and more vast than ourselves, that we are part of something very big.  And it is in wildness that we again find ourselves.

And so Coyote comes into our lives to remind us of who we are. Do we fear the Wildness?  And if we fear wildness….then do we want to kill this wildness.  Peter Kahn, Jr. and Patricia Hasbach wrote this poignant comment in their book, The Rediscovery of the Wild: “With paranoia comes the drive to eradicate the source of the fear. We kill the “Other”. We eradicate wild species. In so doing we damm ourselves to encounters with the “others” who are merely reflections of ourselves.”

And so Coyote offers us a choice ~ Do we wish to live a rich and expansive life or do we settle for the narrowness of our domestication and the dull boredom of our technology. Do we delight in Coyote or do we kill Coyote.

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Coyote ~ the Teacher

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photo by Tim Springer

photo by Tim Springer



Thoughts as you take in this image….

Coyote ~ they hold the answers to questions we have not even learned to ask

 Coyote ~ they are teaching us to make discoveries about ourselves…

Do we understand our true role on the Earth…if not, how can we understand theirs?


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