Bringing Nature Home

Bringing nature HomeSPRING IS HERE!


And in that context, I wish to share my thoughts. I was asked to give a presentation on Coyote’s important role in the ecosystem of Acadia National Park in Maine. This year is the 100th Anniversary of this beautiful Park, and when it was created the howls of our wolves had been silenced, and the landscape had experienced the destruction of the saw. But now the howls of the Coyote fill the night.

Yet this is a small National Park, and the coyotes need more than it can offer. They need to leave the park, yet when they do, they are persecuted and killed. Protected lands are very important for carnivores and a healthy biodiversity for the planet. But they are not enough!

We need to look at the places where we live, our back yards whether they be small or vast. They are ecosystems that need to be healthy, too. Our carnivores need to be protected from human persecution everywhere. The more we see the land that WE LIVE ON as our responsibility to make whole again, the more we will re-create the beauty of our planet once more.

That is why I also share Douglas Tallamy’s wonderful book Bringing Nature Home. Nature isn’t somewhere else far away….it is right here. Let us re-create our planet for all life!