Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology & Co-Existence

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photo by Jan Myers

Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology and Co-Existence

The people have spoken ~

… of the need for education, collaboration, sharing, empowerment, research,  experience, and change.

And so we are listening. We are on the way to creating this PLACE where all this will happen…and it will be in Hope, Maine. We welcome you to follow our facebook as we travel on this amazing journey……come with us~  Support us!

Our Mission
To enhance awareness of the value of carnivore presence on our planet by providing a wide range of creative, educational and research experiences for the people of New England, focusing on carnivores, their habitat, and their relationship to us.


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Coyote and your Family Dog

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photo by Jacques Tournel

Do you remember the song from the KING AND I ~
“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.”

YES …. we can get to know Coyotes (but they will always keep many of their own secrets).

YES ….we can come to not only like our coyotes neighbors, but also come to respect them as well.

YES…. Coyotes know you and can come to respect your turf too.


Below is a marvelous link from Coyote Yips with much solid guidance in understanding how to engage with your coyote neighbors ~

“Messaging” May Include Growling

by yipps:janetkessler

Coyotes live in all of our parks, and they can be seen on the streets sometimes. So always remain vigilant when out walking your dog. If you see a coyote, keep away from it. Most of the time coyotes will flee as they see you coming, but sometimes they may not, and I want to address this potentiality here. The safest protocol always is to shorten your leash and walk the other way, no matter how far or near a coyote is. This sends a signal to the coyote that you and your dog are not there to challenge the coyote’s personal or territorial space.

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Coyote Fathers and Parenting

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photo by Jacques Tournel


The father Coyote is very involved with the care and teaching of his pups

See below a link that shows a Coyote father and his pup.  Coyotes have a Life they want to live……

Father and Son

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Coyote Graphics ~ So Coyote!

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Wonderful Maine Artist, Michael Boardman named his company, COYOTE GRAPHICS in honor of Coyote. Here is his brand new Coyote shirt …..SO COYOTE!  To see it on his website visit this link:

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Encounters with Coyote

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photo by Jacques Tournel


Have you ever chanced upon a fleeting encounter with a Coyote?   Maybe you were driving your car down the road, and there standing in your headlights is a Coyote staring at you? Have you ever had a chance encounter when you were hiking….both you and Coyote surprising each other? Coyotes often immediately run from sight, but sometimes they take a minute to look at you…and they are gone.

I have had many Maine people share these momentary experiences that left them touched in a way they could not explain.

Why are they staring? My answer is that you have had an encounter with an intelligent fellow being who took a moment to “read you.”  It takes them just that moment …and they are gone.

The Stare is just a reminder to us that we share our planet with highly intelligent and intuitive beings.

What a privilege to have such an experience!

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First Light Habitats

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Listening for Mice photo by Ellison Photograhy


Large carnivores like Coyotes require a home – a healthy habitat – no matter where they live. Whether they live on a farm, in suburbia or the city, they require a refuge, clean water, adequate prey.

In our ever increasing human population, it is vital that we support this healthy habitat. When we do, predators will help keep the balance, protect trees and plants from being over eaten by herbivores, and protect all life from disease…such as Lyme disease.

So sharing a valuable new website by fellow scientist Deb Perkins:

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