Dog Fighting: Cruelty to Domestic and Wild Dogs

Abused Pit Bull dog

Abused Pit Bull dog

GANDHI’S WORDS ~ The greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats the Animals.”


Dog fighting is illegal in all the states, but despite the law, it rampantly goes on. It is hidden as all violence to life is, it is BIG MONEY…..often the driver of immense violence since this country was established, and it is the cause of immeasurable suffering to our DOMESTIC DOGS.

Our domestic dogs…who go to war for us, who help the blind see, who protect children from seizures, and give us unabashed companionship in our isolating world. And this is the thanks we give them….. THEY HAVE NO VOICE…..and there is no punishment for those who heap this suffering on them.

BUT….. on the other hand, the Internet is full of stories detailing amazing and compassionate people who will respond to the suffering of A PARTICULAR DOG…ONE DOG.  So those connections are truly there inside us!  There are many of those ONE DOGS out there.

And one of those ONE dogs is Coyote!   Like our domestic dogs who suffer at the hands of humans, COYOTE also does. In fact, violent humans pit our domestic dogs against our wild ones, using them to chase down and kill Coyotes and Wolves. This is the ultimate betrayal to the canine species.

Coyote has NO voice but yours! There is NO punishment for the cruelty heaped on them.  So let yourself be that human who responds to their suffering….and ACT.  Each Coyote who suffers is ONE wild dog who is waiting for you to speak up.

GANDHI’S WORDS~ May we evolve to be truly human!