Open Season

"Open Season" by Sandra Crowell

“Open Season” by Sandra Crowell

Artists from all over Maine are participating in the University of New England Gallery exhibition ~ Coyote Connections”  October 9, 2014 to January 15, 2015 in Portland, Maine.

This powerful piece, created by artist Sandra Crowell, depicts numerous Coyote pelts displayed after their slaughter. But in front of the pelts stands a beautiful Coyote staring out at you…..maybe she is asking “Why?”

Each artist was asked to write a short reflection on their art piece. And this is Sandra’s~

“Bait and shoot, leg or neck hold trap and shoot, chase them down with dogs and shoot, all year long, night or day, no bag limit! Come, quench your blood lust, and pose for photos that make you look like a real hunter.”

Here she reflects what many, many Maine people have shared with me ….that those who slaughter Coyotes relentlessly have nothing to do with real Maine hunting….they dishonor the tradition!