Jaguar and Coyote ~ Survivors of the New World

untitled7An Indomitable Beast by Alan Rabinowitz is a new book following the author’s journey to study and protect this beautiful and powerful carnivore of the New World. The author, a wildlife biologist of the future, shares not only what he has learned about the Jaguar but his courageous efforts to protect this species and empower the human community to┬álive in peace with them.

Jaguars and Coyotes have much in common~

Both live only in the New World…the Jaguar in South and Central America, and limited areas
of Southwestern United States. The Coyote in North and Central America.

Both are very old species that have survived the Pleistocene time when the great Glaciers
covered large areas of the earth, and the climate was erratic and extreme. Many others succumbed…but they found a way to survive.
Both are smaller than their larger counterparts: the jaguar smaller than the lion or cheetah; the coyote smaller than the wolf.

Both have a diverse diet…not relying on only one kind of food

Both have been Icons to the Native peoples of the New World. The following are the words of present day Native people~
Words of the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica, the Cahecar: “The Jaguar is weaker now (referring to all the persecution and killing of this great cat) all the animals are weaker, so the world is weaker……people are much weaker too.”

Words of Native American poet Dell Hynes regarding Coyote: “Never will he go from this Land, here always, this is how Coyote is on the land.”