Coyote Pups and their Song


photo by Bill Meikle

photo by Bill Meikle


In this rare photo of a coyote pup you get to see who is keeping Coyote parents very busy at this time of the year. First of all,  they are very protective of their little ones ~  hiding them  from our view, carefully watching over them and protecting them from all forms of danger at this vulnerable time of their lives.

Coyote parents need to hunt day and night to feed their fast growing pups, and will often risk placing themselves in danger’s way to do so.  Then teaching them how to hunt comes later …starting with grasshoppers and moving up .

AH….. BUT THE FUN PART IS THE SINGING!  Coyote puppies from early on love to mimic their parent’s song and delight in doing so.  To give you an idea of what we cannot experience directly watch this short video in which a 20 day old Malamute – Huskey puppy joins in the song.