Wild Mustangs …and Coyote

Wild Mustangs chased by helicopter

Wild Mustangs chased by helicopter


When I give my Coyote presentation to our communities in Maine, I include historical perspectives…. What happened when the Europeans invaded the New World. And what did they bring with them when they came….they brought their world view. And their actions and behaviors were the expressions of it.

And that world view is alive and well today!

What is that world view… All life on earth is here for us, and we can use it any way we want…no thought for those who come after us.

What are the behaviors that flow from this…..violence to other life, greed, no sharing of natural resources of the land…just to mention a few.


And so the Wild Mustangs and Coyote share the same fate of violence and suffering at the hands of greedy humans who would not share any land with them. All land, even public land is to be used solely by their millions of cows…for their own economic gain.

This is not the stuff of history…this is happening today! Millions of cows and sheep on our public land (some ranchers actually not paying a red cent to use OUR land). And they are PUSHING THEIR VIOLENT WEIGHT AROUND TO HAVE OUR WILD MUSTANGS KILLED!

And for Coyote…..the same! Do you see the helicopters chasing these wild mustangs from their mountain homes…many dying on the way…. into corrals where they will meet their fate…and loose forever their freedom…that is who they are. WELL, THESE SAME HELICOPTERS CHASE COYOTES DOWN, AND SLAUGHTER THEM AS THEY RUN FOR THEIR LIVES…because they are coyotes. Again, this is not from the past! This goes on as you are reading this.

So let those of us who live in Maine have a NEW WORLD VIEW!   We already have many, and I say many enlightened farmers who want to share their farm with our wild carnivores, and Coyote. They are successful and have healthy biodiverse farms because of this relationship.

What will we hand down to our children? As Americans, we need to shout out to our legislators that we HAVE A DIFFERENT WORLD VIEW.  Can you do that?