Coyote & Braiding Sweetgrass


BRAIDING SWEETGRASS ~ What does this marvelous book have to do with Coyote?
Robin Wall Kimmerer is a Native American. She is a scientist ~ a botanist. And in this deeply moving book she takes us to a place of belonging … a belonging to the rest of creation. And that belonging takes us to a place of deep respect for all of creation… and a reciprocal responsibility to all of creation. This belonging, this respect guides our perspectives and our behaviors.

She speaks of species loneliness …. “this state of isolation and disconnection, stemmed from estrangement from the rest of creation, from the loss of relationship.” In our society we suffer deeply from species loneliness ….and we don’t even understand this within us.

 Coyote ~ Our Native Wild Dog is the litmus stick … we treat them, how we relate to them, is a guide to let us understand our disconnection and estrangement from the wondrous life on our planet.

Coyote will also let us know when we have shed that loneliness….for there are those who already have.