“I Am Coyote” Inspires Art

Flight by Maine artist Evelyn Dunphy

   by Maine artist Evelyn Dunphy

When our Words inspire Art……

Renowned Maine artist, Evelyn Dunphy, after reading         I Am Coyote   was inspired to create this powerful watercolor. Her moving work depicts a dramatic event in this newly published book ~ the young dispersing female Coyote is fleeing across the mighty St. Lawrence River, via a bridge that she waited until dark to venture upon. She leaves the “city of man,” Montreal, behind her.

Note the intensity of her face in her will to survive.  The artist has captured the author’s words describing this most challenging experience of her journey.

“She needed to make a decision, and quickly. She made her final approach, and all was silent in the night. Without any question in her mind, she darted full speed across the bridge, her legs almost taking her airborne with a swiftness fueled by fear.”