Healthy Habitat and Biodiversity

photo by Forest Hart

photo by Forest Hart


are VITAL for biodiversity….diverse life

and diverse life is vital for the health of our planet….

BUT ….diverse life is about habitat …both the predator and the prey need habitat for diversity of life to happen.

It all sounds so complex…yes? But what if all this was happening in your yard? You can either create a healthy habitat for the predator and the prey to live in, or you can create a desert for them by continuing to have only a monoculture of a lawn covered in pesticides. When you create a healthy habitat in your yard, say for birds and their prey, watch what happens……it will help you to understand how the larger predators like Coyote are a part of how that whole system works. See below a great link with article written by Douglas Tallamy, Professor of Entomology (bugs) and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Deleware ~