Geri Vistein is an enlightened conservation biologist who brings the coyote into our mind and experience as a vital, complex, highly organized and social fellow being. I left the presentation, not only knowing much more about coyotes, but also appreciating complex issues and diverse perspectives. Geri’s respect for this top carnivore, her images and stories, fill a lively and absorbing evening.  *Cloe Chunn, Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition.

Geri Vistein brought her deep respect for and understanding of this species, and its place in nature to adults during our winter speaker series.  The large audience was captivated by her presentation on the often maligned coyote, but also by the human interests and conflicts she discussed regarding this canine carnivore.   Both coyotes and our human community will benefit if there were an ever growing population of wildlife professionals who articulate the courage of their convictions as does Ms.Vistein. * Ed Friedman, Chair, Friends of Merrymeeting Bay