Presentations Offered


Coyote~ America’s Songdog  You will be invited to come along and learn of coyote’s long history on the North American continent: coyote’s relationship with Native peoples and the European Americans; coyote’s complex relationship with the life of Maine’s ecosystems; and coyote’s relationship with us. Come learn coexistence skills that will enhance your life.  Come hear the Songdog sing!


 Why do We Need Carnivores Anyway? I think I use the following phrase in almost all my presentations: “It hasn’t been handed down to us.”  Despite the fact that scientists have learned so much more about carnivores and their immense value in the workings of our planet, human attitudes, behavior and laws in our society toward carnivores have not changed very much in the past 500 years.   So this presentation endeavors to express Nature’s Design in the powerful relationship between the predator and their prey… and to answer the question of why this relationship is vital to the health and biodiversity of our Maine landscapes, and our planet as a whole. You will discover connections that will leave you in awe, and realize that you yourself are part of the whole. See filmed version below

Farming with Coyote and other Carnivores  We who live in Maine have the privilege of feeding our families with the fresh and local food from our farms.  We want to support their success, and encourage new farms to grow and succeed as well. So this presentation is meant to be a valuable resource and support to our farmers.

Our farms in Maine are Ecosystems in their own right, and so keeping them healthy and biodiverse is a great advantage for our farmers.  Balanced ecosystems require carnivores, especially Keystone carnivores like Coyote.  So understanding Coyote’s ecology and social structure in the context of your farm, and putting to use time tested animal husbandry practices will enable you to live in peaceful coexistence.

My Fees:  All my presentations last an hour and a half, sometimes longer depending on the community dialogue during and after my presentation. My fee for all presentations is $150. Plus travel expenses, if traveling further than 1 hour. Please contact me to plan a presentation.