Other Educational Experiences

Photo: Andy Marks

I Am Coyote  (for kids ages 6 to 12) This is an outdoor experiential learning experience.  How do we teach our children to understand secretive, terrestrial carnivores? Well, the children become Coyote! So this is how  ~ Children become coyote families with an alpha mom and dad and their pups. They establish their territories, and they know why. They look for what coyote would look for in their territory ~ food, safe places, a den site, nature “toys.” They all create their own unique family howl. I personally have been in awe of what the children come up with, and of children’s response to this experience. One little girl said to me, “I’m going to go home and do this …it’s so much fun” And with the fun, they have learned some powerful lessons inside of them.

Teacher Workshops  I  welcome the opportunity to conduct teacher workshops for our educators here in Maine. I can assist you on how to incorporate the teaching of biodiversity, predator prey relationships, and Coyote and other carnivores into your already full curriculum. Teaching carnivore conservation is of great importance for our generation, because it is so connected with the health of our planet.  Our children will need to learn this if they are to support the presence of carnivores on our planet when they are adults. So contact me, and give me your feedback, share what would work for your group of teachers, the place, the time. It is so important that our teachers receive this support.

Workshops, Presentations or Meetings with Police Departments, Animal Control Officers, and Town Leaders  These public servants are sometimes called on to respond to those citizens who know very little of coyotes, and are fearful of coyotes when they see them in their neighborhood. By learning more about coyotes, their normal behavior, and some important coexistence skills, issues can be resolved in ways that are supportive to the community and humane toward coyotes. I can also assist you in creating educational flyers for your communities. Please contact me to set up a time that is convenient for you.