Never Feed!

Photo: Ellison Photography

If you remember nothing else about coexisting, remember this …coyotes are NEVER TO SEE US AS A SOURCE OF FOOD … NEVER!

NEVER feed coyotes intentionally or unintentionally.

Do not feed your pets outside ~ all pet food should be stored inside, that includes food for your domestic livestock.

Pick up fruit that has fallen from your fruit trees ~ coyotes have a sweet tooth and like diverse kinds of fruit.

Keep your compost enclosed and secure.

Keep your trash containers well secured, and do not leave trash bags out overnight for the morning trash pickup.

Use wise judgment when feeding wild birds. In fact, think twice before you feed wild birds. Remember, they are wild and fully capable of finding their own food year round. If you have fed them in the past, in order to enjoy seeing them, think instead of ways that you can plant flowers and trees and shrubs that will draw them to your yard.

Why caution with bird feeders? Because they draw many other animals to them other than birds, including some of coyote’s favorite wild foods ~ rodents. And in drawing coyote’s favorite foods close to your house, you may draw coyote close to your house as well.