Keeping Pets Safe

Coyote by Steve Thompson

Keep your pets in sight while they are outside, even if you have a fenced yard. This is particularly true after dusk when many wildlife species become active.

Keep cats inside, or provide an outdoor area that is secure and protected. This not only keeps your cats safe but also many songbirds as well. Domestic cats are taking a heavy toll on our native songbird populations.

If your dog does not stay close to you off leash, then keep them on a leash in natural areas and particularly from April to August, when coyotes are raising their pups. Coyotes, like all wild canines, are very caring and protective parents. If your dog is running free near a coyote’s den at this time, the parents may see your dog as a threat to the safety of their pups, and respond accordingly. If you find yourself in this situation, restrain your dog, and backtrack on the route you took, and this will often lead you out of a den area and away from the protected pups.