Mates by Ellison Photography

We who live in Maine have the privilege of feeding our families with the fresh and local food from our farms.  We want to support their success, and encourage new farms to grow and succeed as well. So this website is meant to be a valuable resource and support to our farmers.

Our farms in Maine are Ecosystems in their own right, and so keeping them healthy and biodiverse is a great advantage for our farmers. Why?  Because where there is Balance in Nature life thrives, where there is imbalance, untold issues can plague our farmers.

Balanced ecosystems require carnivores, especially Keystone carnivores like Coyote.  So the ideal situation for our farms in Maine is to have a stable Coyote family be a part of the ecosystem of your farm.

There are two important aspects to successful coexistence with coyotes and other carnivores on your farm:
• Understanding the ecology and behavior of carnivores
• Practicing good animal husbandry.