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Photo: Bill Meilke

The Mission of Predator Defense is to protect our native predators. They work to spearhead legislation, disseminate research findings, monitor government agencies, and when necessary pursue legal action. They do a great deal of work “on the ground” responding to wildlife who are in agonizing pain in snares and traps. Often we never see the agony of these animals. Go to their website, and you will see the real thing.

Informative link that gives you some solid information about coexisting with coyotes, as well as excellent information on coyote behavior and social life.   This thoughtful website is a journalism project bringing together the most recent science about coyotes from renowned researchers across the continent, and combining it with unique, intimate and beautiful photographs of America’s amazing Wild Dog ~ Coyote.
Livestock protection Dogs for the 21st Century ~

Maine farmers today are climbing a steep learning curve when it comes to coexisting with carnivores.  AND WHY? Well, nothing has been handed down to us….so we are on the leading edge. So to assist you along this journey, here is an excellent document that gives in depth information regarding guard animals. ANY QUESTIONS….COMMENTS? Please share.

Coyotes under Fire: Government Program Slaughters Coyotes by the Tens of Thousands   Karen E. Lang interviewed dozens of sources in her research regarding the federal government’s cruel slaughter of our native wild dog, Coyote.  Why does this continue? Most Americans have no idea of how their tax dollars are being used in the persecution of our wildlife. But as you will see in the article, wildlife are not the only ones that suffer. But she ends her article talking about solutions ….and this is the challenge of our generation.

This website has been created by the Cougar Foundation, that is both involved in cougar research and education of our communities.  The Foundation supports the Cougars’ attempts to recolonize the landscapes of the East, where they were driven from in the past centuries since Europeans arrived on the American continent.  Many Maine people are amazed to find out that cougars once lived here. They need to return, just as the Coyote needs to be here, in order to create a healthy balanced landscape that we  depend on.

Excellent link that profiles carnivores in North America, and the many issues they face surviving in our human dominated world.
This is an excellent article written by a journalist who has done extensive research regarding the wasteful and cruel activities of the so called Federal “Wildlife Services.” Most citizens of the United States have no idea of the barbaric cruelty heaped on our wildlife. This article gives you a wider view of the intense persecution that coyotes suffer in this country.  We as citizens need to know what is going on, and need to verbalize the need to end this violence to our native wildlife. 
The Wild Farm Alliance was established by a national group of wildlands proponents and ecological farming advocates who share a concern for the land and its wild and human inhabitants.  Their Mission is to promote a healthy, viable agriculture that helps protect and restore wild Nature.  To make our food systems sustainable in the 21st century, they envision a world in which community-based, ecologically managed farms and ranches are seamlessly integrated into landscapes that accommodate the full range of native species and ecological processes.
This is an excellent site for a number of reasons. The site is really all about creating positive relationships with Coyotes and other carnivores….relationships that enrich and enliven our lives. What is special about this site is that it discusses real possibilities….if we would only give Coyotes a chance to show us who they are. It is an offering of solid real life assistance, along with true life experiences of those who dared to reach out. 
The Cougar Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to studying cougar-habitat relationships and the role of cougars in the ecosystem.  They are especially interested in the phenomenon of expanding populations into their former habits….. like Maine. Those who came before us took them away from us….so we do not know them. It is important that they return to Maine and resume their work of the major carnivore, along with Coyote.  We want to learn about them before they come….so we will know how to live and farm with them. This website, along with great research results, also provides a Cougar Identification Guide and short excellent video. So Coyote is leading the way….and the Cougar will follow.

This site is all about finding SOLUTIONS and ENVISIONING and ACTING on one’s vision. I include this site on Coyote’s website because in order to share the land with wildlife and enhance the health of the landscape, our generation needs to re-create how we live on the land…and also make DECISIONS ABOUT WHAT WE EAT. If you are eating meat, do you know where it comes from, how the animals were treated, what happened to carnivores like coyotes and wolves as well as wild Mustangs who lives were taken all in the name of the sheep and cattle industry? If an industry feels the need to kill thousands of our carnivores and our wild mustangs, that industry needs to end.
Why this link on Coyote’s website? Chimps and Coyotes have much in common ~ both are highly intelligent, very social wild beings. Both suffer immensely at the hands of our species.  I like this website very much, because although it speaks of the suffering of the chimps, what it does even more is show how our humanity can act to create a far more compassionate world for all life. Coyote needs your Voice, too! This is the direstion that we want to guide our children in.

This is a website created by Dr. Jonathan Way, in which he shares all his research on Coyotes in our sister New England state of Massachusetts. His long term research has brought him to have a deep respect for these amazing canines; and he has courage to speak on their behalf.

This website helps to support farmers who want to use responsible animal husbandry practices that help them coexist with wild carnivores.

s treatment of our wildlife. You will understand more why coyotes are treated in the way they are. Both the wild Mustangs and Coyotes continue to be the scapegoats for an entrenched system of life and government policy that has no room for wildlife. After you see this site, answer this question for me: Who do the wild Mustangs need to have in their refuge to keep their populations healthy and in balance, so there will always be room for them?

So many people who care about the other lives we humans share our planet with do not feel that they can make a difference. Well this website created by Conservation Biologist, Carole Seville Brown, will show you how you can create gardens in your own yard that are welcoming habitat for wildlife like birds, bees, butterflies, frogs, bats and many others. You can work together with Coyotes and other carnivores to create a healthy diverse landscape.

The Friends of Merrymeeting Bay contribute to the health and biodiversity of our Maine landscape through serious citizen research, legislative efforts, experiential learning programs for our children, and outstanding speakers who share their expertise with our communities, and much more. I have found them to be one of the most collaborative citizen organizations in Maine, reaching out and working with diverse community members, experts in their fields, and organizations.

This is a national non-profit organization whose Mission is to promote coexistence between people and wildlife, and conservation through education, science and advocacy.