Free Services Coyote offers you on your Farm


photo by Dave Conlin

Dayton Hyde, a long time successful rancher in Oregon wrote the Book Don Coyote.

In his book he writes of their importance on his ranch~

“I thought of other species on the ranch. Without flickers, badgers,
trout, deer, or chipmunks, the ranch still would have flourished.
But if I took away the Coyotes, the whole system fell apart.
In fact, if I were to design a kit for the beginning rancher, a pair
of Coyotes would have to be included.”

So as a rancher, he lived close to the Earth, and understood all the intricate connections of nature. He understood the immense value of the Keystone Carnivore in the ecosystem of his ranch. Our farms, like his ranch, are ecosystems that require a Keystone Carnivore like Coyote, in order to flourish.

But what are Coyotes doing that is so important?

  • Rodent Patrol: Controlling rodent populations is vital to the health and success of your farm. Rodents, though small, carry many diseases that can affect our farm animals and us.
  • Herbivore Patrol: Herbivores eat green things, no matter the size of the herbivore. It is important that their numbers remain in balance, and why? If herbivores are left unchecked, they are capable of destroying the habitat needed by other species such as birds, bees, and butterflies. These species are important sources of insect control and pollination needed on your farm.
  • Who are these Herbivores? Here in Maine, primarily rabbits, woodchucks, deer and moose, but also others. In reference to deer, the Coyote’s presence on your farm controls the deer’s mighty appetite for the “green things,” whether they are wild greens, or vegetables you are growing. Coyotes accomplish this first by keeping the deer population on your farm in balance, but also by keeping the deer on the move, thus preventing them from destroying important habitat and eating the vegetables in garden.
  • If you have farm animals, keeping deer populations in balance and on the move prevents them from lingering in your pastures where your domestic animals feed. Deer can carry diseases that are transmitted to your farm animals in this way.
  • I have spoken with a number of our Maine farmers who have orchards. They have expressed much appreciation of coyote for controlling woodchuck and rodent populations that can have a harmful effect on their trees.
  • Is there more Coyote does? Yes, there is! See if you can observe more on your farm.