Maine Artists’ Expressions of Coyote

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"The Ghosts of Evergreen Cemetery by Mark McCullough

“The Ghosts of Evergreen Cemetery by Mark McCullough

Coyote Comes to Portland, Maine!

In a wonderful collaborative effort, the University of New England Gallery in Portland, Maine, 31 artist from all over the state and myself offer to our communities……“Coyote Connections.”  This very special exhibit will be up for our communities to experience from October 9, 2014 until January 15, 2015

This unique art exhibition is all about Coyote’s connections, or you could say, relationships here in Maine (and all over our American continent). Our very talented Maine artists express these relationships through their thoughtful, powerful, and beautiful works.

Here is just one example ~ a large oil painting by Mark McCullough. Each artist was asked to write a short reflection of their work. And here is his ~

“Resilient and clever, eastern coyotes thrive in downtown Portland and other eastern cities.  Last winter I tracked a family group in the snow in Evergreen Cemetery adjacent to the University of New England campus.  Like ghosts, their tracks weaved through the Victorian tombstones. Coyote will be here long after we are gone.”

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Coyote and the Boy, Ben

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Coyote Mother by Melissa Glendinning


How can YOU participate in creating a healthy, vibrant planet Earth;

and how can YOU participate in handing down to our children a consciousness that all life on Earth is ONE?

and from that consciousness, flows RESPECT…..and a shift in our BEHAVIOR.

So above you see the exquisite work of artist, Melissa Glendinning in creating the “Mother Coyote” for our puppet show, “Coyote and the Boy, Ben” Through her efforts and the efforts of our talented musicians, this magical puppet show is connecting with our children all over Maine…and I would add…adults as well. So use your talents, and be a voice for the wild ones.

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Miss Raven Meets Her Wild Soul by Judith Mitchell

Oil on Canvas

One warm, full-moon, summer night about 3 a.m., my black dog Raven awakened me with a “whuff”.  She was staring intently out the bedroom window, and I arose quietly and looked out, too.  On the lawn down below, as pale as the moonlight and as still as a rock, stood Coyote staring back up at us.  I could just make out a small rodent held in her mouth — the whole scene was bleached and ghostly except for Coyote’s shadow frozen there.  A little breeze came up and moved the white curtains beside Raven and me. Coyote, seeing the curtains sway, instantly vanished, as if by magic.  One moment she was there; in the next second, without my seeing her move, she had disappeared!  It was like a dream; but it was not a dream.

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Coyote Greeting

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This beautiful art piece created by Maine’s legendary artist, Dahlov Ipcar, was inspired

 by a dream she had.

She thought the whole experience to be quite magical.

It expresses Coyote’s deeply social nature.

And when these Coyote mates have their pups in the Spring of this year,

the strong relationships that bond them to their pups will be vital for them to fully develop their personalities.

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Connecting to our Essence

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Coyote Spirit by Linda Murray


The following are the words artist Linda Murray wrote regarding this art piece create by her ~

“Coyote spirit speaks of how coyote is connected to her ancestors, and the Universal wisdom that comes from this spiritual connection.  I imagine that when coyote is howling at the moon she is speaking with her ancestors and asking for the wisdom that is crucial to her survival.  Her ancestors listen and give guidance. They say, do not be troubled, you are not alone, we are one.”

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