Mustangs and Coyotes share….Their Wildness

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Wild Mustangs

Yesterday I visited the EVER AFTER MUSTANG RESCUE in Biddeford, Maine.  Mona Jerome is a very special woman who expresses to me the power of one.” And she has surrounded herself with compassionate men and women of vision to assist her.

Mona rescues many wild Mustangs that have been driven from their wild life….the culture and companionship, and order of their world….their freedom.  All to support powerful cattle ranchers who graze their cattle on our Public Lands and sell their beef to EUROPE. They refuse to coexist with either our native carnivores or the Wild Mustangs. Our native carnivores…primarily Coyote… continue be slaughtered, and the Wild Mustangs are cruelly rounded up by helicopters and forced to stand in large pens….thousands of them….awaiting their fate.  Then Mona saves as many of them as she can.

The need is great, and she wishes to save more of them.  I encourage you to go to her website  and read about the NEW BARN they are seeking to find funding for. The Mustangs are America’s Wild Horses…and they belong to all of us…spread the word.

Wild Song by Jan Myers

Beyond the pastures of Ever After Mustang Rescue are wonderful forests, and at night the Coyotes can be heard singing their Wild Song. Their song must touch deep into the wild spirit of the Mustangs…reminding them that it is still within them ….now standing not in their wild places, but within a safe haven protected from human abuse.

So wildness is returning to our beautiful state of Maine. May we continue to support this presence that has been so long gone from here….and in doing so, find ourselves again.

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Speaking Up! Look what Happens!

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photo by Jan Myers

Look into the Eyes of Coyote here…..

In our Democracy, our Wildlife have NO voice but ours.  Our polititians and agencies will act only when YOU speak up. So I want to share with you an example of this very important reality.

THIS WEEKEND, THIS WEEKEND in New Mexico an owner of a gun shop initiated a state wild coyote killing contest, and the prize would be a powerful GUN! I was contacted by several people in Maine who heard about this atrocity, and wanted to know what they could do. My answer…Speak up! And the people of New Mexico needed to speak up as well on behalf of our native carnivore.

Well, that is just what happend. There was a powerful outcry from the people of New Mexico, to a point that the Federal agencies of the BLM and the National Fotrest Service banned this from happening on the public lands. Also, New Mexico has millions of acres of Trust lands, and this killing was banned from there as well. In addition, there have not been any ranchers who have come foreward to welcome this violence on their ranches….due to the public outcry.


Below, see an article written regarding this violence to our wildlife, and a voice to see an end to it.       ABQ Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Slaughter of Coyotes an Abomination Against Nature

By Pete McCloskey And Helen McCloskey / Madrid residents on Thu, Nov 15, 2012


The coyote killing “contest” being hosted this weekend by Gunhawk Firearms in Los Lunas is a disgrace to the state of New Mexico and to the ethics of hunting.

With farms in New Mexico and northern California, we are no strangers to firearms or coyotes. But the days of mass killings of any wildlife should be long gone.

Sadly, our country has a long history of assault on all manner of species, whether for “fun” or “profit” as exemplified by the upcoming contest. Ironically, for hunters, it is precisely this kind of ecologically disastrous behavior that understandably turns the public against hunting in general.

False justifications and a misplaced sense of entitlement to kill on the part of the participants will lead to self-defeating consequences, just as attempting to kill off predators on a mass scale and upsetting nature’s long-established balance time and again gives rise to seriously negative consequences.

Coyotes have a highly organized social system, in which only the alpha female and alpha male breed. With ignorance-based indiscriminate killings, this order is disrupted, ironically increasing breeding among the survivors.

An unspoken issue in the discussion of the “problem” of coyote predation in the West is that many livestock producers don’t accept any predation as acceptable – a completely unreasonable stance that undermines the health of wildlife ecosystems and ignores the fact that the animals we humans prefer to eat have significantly displaced the grazing animals that several important predators (and the ecosystems they are an integral part of) rely on to survive.

The underlying unwillingness to learn to respect and live within the whole mechanism of nature leads to such pathological behavior as the mass killing encouraged by the upcoming “competition.”

I was honored to receive the Aldo Leopold Memorial Award some years back. Leopold was one of America’s greatest naturalists – a hunter, author and scientist who loved New Mexico. Through personal experience, he came to reject deeply the notion (clearly used by participants of the coyote killing contest) that some species are beneficial while others are “varmints” and hence expendable. This antiquated thinking has no place among the thankfully growing numbers of more knowledgeable ranchers, sportsmen and policymakers.

As Leopold noted toward the end of his life: “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land. By land is meant all of the things on, over or in the earth. Harmony with the land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish the right hand and chop off his left. That is to say, you cannot love game and hate predators; you cannot conserve the waters and waste the ranges, you cannot build the forest and mine the farm. The land is one organism. … The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: ‘What good is it?’ ”

Most Americans think that laws are in place to restrict casual killing of wildlife, wasting of game or mistreating wildlife. Sadly, this is not the case, as this “contest” clearly shows. There is such a thing as ethical hunting, but this kind of “contest” endangers it.

With no seasonal parameters and no license required to kill coyotes on our public lands, any member of the public who might be hiking, riding or camping thereon, especially if they have dogs with them, are at risk of injury by coyote killers. We know this personally, as one of our fine dogs was thus injured.

How untenable that one cannot grow a garden on public lands, but one can kill and maim all manner of the creatures that must live there, endangering other humans in the process.

It is time to cease encouraging killings based on proven falsehoods and distorted ideas of privilege over animals that justify random acts of violence. No amount of partial scholarships or free guns to the winners makes a sadistic contest saner.

Pete McCloskey is a former U.S. congressman, a Republican from California, and co-founder of the 1970 Earth Day; Helen McCloskey is a farmer and conservationist.




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We the People…

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The Declaration of Independence


When our forefathers declared their Independence from the British Empire, they established our Nation as a Democracy!

A Democracy is a Nation of the People and for the People.

In a Democracy, the PEOPLE  are to hold the POWER.  But we can only have that power if we believe we have the power…and we use it. Election time is approaching, and all the politicians are out there again, as they are every four years. They want to be a Representative or a Senator here in Maine for various and sundry reasons….some very noble…others merely that of self interest. It is also the same on the National level.  They do not hold the Power….you do.

They do not hold the POWER, YOU DO!  So I would encourage all of you to contact your Maine legislators that go to Augusta, and tell them that you want the CRUEL EXPLOITATION OF COYOTES HERE IN MAINE TO STOP!  Tell them your stories….and then ask them where they stand in reference to protecting our coyotes and all carnivores. Then vote accordingly…remember, any legislator that supports this exploitation will also support exploitation of the earth and of our Maine people.  TELL THEM YOU WANT LAWS IN PLACE TO PROTECT COYOTES JUST LIKE THOSE FOR OTHER SPECIES HERE IN MAINE.

If you are silent, and you do not speak up, you are NOT using your power…the power of living in a Democracy. If you do not know who your senator and Representative is here in Maine, here is how you can tract them down:

Go to  Once there, click on Legislature. To find your SENATOR, click on Senators and then Senator info lists,etc. Then click on District.  If you know your District, then just click on it….if you do not know your district, call your Town Office and they will tell you.  To find your REPRESENTATIVE, click on Representatives, and then click on Find out who your legislator is.


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ReDiscovering Your Power

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Mountain Lion

Do you know that Mountain Lions once roamed Maine’s landscape before the Europeans arrived in the New World.  The area of North America that is now Maine possessed a rich diversity of carnivores and their prey.

But I want to tell you another story today.  Our sister state, California, that is on the opposite side of our continent is blessed to have Mountain Lions, and the Law prohibits killing this important carnivore there. Well it just so happens that the President of the Wildlife Commission in California….the Agency charged with the Public Trust to protect wildlife….went off to Idaho…killed a Mountain Lion there….and of course, had to pose with the deceased animal…showing his power and control…yes?
The people of California finding out about this used their power to have him removed from office. So here is a person who is charged to protect the Mountain Lion in California, and going to kill one in Idaho. Stop seriously for a moment and think about it.
So what I would like to really share with you is not so much what this person did, but what the people of California did. They saw a man whose behavior mocked the position he was given in trust by the people of California. And the people found their own POWER TO SPEAK UP.
We can learn from the courage of our fellow Americans then to speak up for Coyote. What is happening here in Maine to Coyotes is EXPLOITATION, not hunting, and you have the power to change this. Contact your legislators ~ tell them you want restricted laws to protect Coyotes…and NO CHASING WITH DOGS, OR NIGHT HUNTING, OR BAITING, OR KILLING PUPS IN THEIR DENS.
Remember, the power in a Democracy lies with the people….and that is YOU!
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Knowing Your Power

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Wild Mustangs

Wild Mustangs … like Coyote … their lives have been abruptly disrupted by the government supported, and abusive use of our western lands by most cattle and sheep ranchers.

Tens of thousands of Coyotes  are trapped, poisoned and gunned down by low flying airplanes…all in the name of cattle and sheep ranching. Tens of thousands of Wild Mustangs, terrified and running for their lives are forced into pens by low flying helicopters … all to give cows more room to graze.  They have lost their freedom, just as Coyotes have lost their lives.
 Right now there are over 40,000 of our wild mustangs whose freedom has been taken away from them, and who are standing in holding pens with uncerain futures.  This Saturday, June 16, truck loads of these terrified wild horses, who have been trucked all the way across our continent, will be arriving in Rutland, Vermont to be auctioned off. Many well intentioned individuals who want to give these horses a second chance truly do not understand their wildness.
 But there is a woman from Maine that does. Her name is Mona Jerome, and she established the Ever After Mustang Rescue located in Biddeford, Maine.  She is a woman who has seen the immense need these beautiful and terrified horses have in their lives. She will be in Vermont to bring more Mustangs to her Refuge, but also to help educate others about their wildness and their needs.
I wanted to share the plight of our wild mustangs to point out how much in need we are in our society to take a serious look at how we are using our land. The suffering and death of our wildlife like Coyote and the Wild Mustangs tells us that we as a society are not using the land in a sustainable and healthy way.  We need to change how we do things for ourselves, so that all life is enriched at the same time.
And finally, despite the tragedy of our Wild Mustangs and our Coyotes, I wanted to share this story to tell you about Mona Jerome, who saw a need and took action. She has tranformed a tragedy in to many acts of Compassion.  Amazing Americans, like her, are the ones who truly help our species to evolve down the path we would like to send our children. THANYOU, MONA JEROME!  
 Now YOU, who are reading this, take Action for our Coyotes here in Maine!
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