Encounters with Coyote

photo by Jacques Tournel


Have you ever chanced upon a fleeting encounter with a Coyote?   Maybe you were driving your car down the road, and there standing in your headlights is a Coyote staring at you? Have you ever had a chance encounter when you were hiking….both you and Coyote surprising each other? Coyotes often immediately run from sight, but sometimes they take a minute to look at you…and they are gone.

I have had many Maine people share these momentary experiences that left them touched in a way they could not explain.

Why are they staring? My answer is that you have had an encounter with an intelligent fellow being who took a moment to “read you.”  It takes them just that moment …and they are gone.

The Stare is just a reminder to us that we share our planet with highly intelligent and intuitive beings.

What a privilege to have such an experience!