TED Talk ~ Cougars and Coyotes

Cougar by Josh More

                 Cougar by Josh More

We are living in a time of Transition ~

A Physical Transition


An Internal Transition

As we humans continue to rapidly increase our population on our planet Earth, we are leaving very few places for those we share the planet with. It is especially difficult for large carnivores like cougars, coyotes, bears, and wolves who require large landscapes to survive and disperse through.

These amazing wild beings are showing us that they can find a way to live with us…they can adapt. We are experiencing this especially with Cougars and Coyotes.

BUT……. CAN WE FIND A WAY TO LIVE WITH THEM. And most of that has to do with OUR INTERNAL TRANSITION ~ moving from fear to respect.

Watch this very thoughtful TED Talk by Beth Pratt on P22 and sharing our planet.