Rescue Road ~ Our Dogs and Coyote

rescue_road_book_coverRescue Road…
a new book by author Peter Zheutlin

A marvelous book that has two sides to it ~

  • * First, the immense suffering of our best friends, our domestic dogs
  • * Second, the courageous and selfless lives of those who seek to rescue them from the suffering and abuse.

For me, when I read about 90, 000… YES!…..90, 000 a year, of these innocent beings, euthanized in Louisiana shelters, my question is? How do WE as a society allow this to happen?  How are we failing these companions who would never  fail us?

Is there a Rescue Road for Coyote, as well? As our innocent domestic dogs are killed (euthanized) behind closed doors where no one need see their suffering, so too Coyote is killed in the tens of thousands, unseen by any of us.

How have we as humans failed this amazing Canine species….both domestic and wild?

When we ALL take action to end this suffering….and doing it in our own way….we shall begin to evolve as humans. Read this book and be inspired by these courageous people who go beyond their small world.
Let us do the same for Coyote!