I Am Coyote

My book

I have exciting news that I wish to share with you ~

The publication of my new book I Am Coyote has finally arrived, and it will be available in mid-October of this year. I welcome you to seek it out on Amazon or your local book stores, and share it with your local libraries and schools and give as gifts to one another.

My book has evolved out of the time I have shared with our community members and the many questions asked of me, as well as the need I have observed in helping our people to understand the lives of these reclusive, amazing wild beings. I have chosen to write it as a story; a story following one young female Coyote and her mate in their journey through life. Follow her and her mate and get to know who Coyote IS through her eyes.

Distinguished fellow scientist and Author of Beyond Words, Carl Safina, commented on my book: “This is not a book about “a species of animal” and what “it” does. Geri Vistein takes us so deep into Coyote’s skin and behind the eyes and nose that she reveals for us the intricacies and perceptions of creatures who lead lives among us. This is the right perspective for understanding who we are here with on Earth. Vistein has chosen one of the absolutely most wondrous fellow-creatures in America to make our introduction.”