Peter and the Wolf ~ Coyote and the Boy, Ben!

Do you know your own Power to make a difference in our world?

Three very talented Maine women know their power!

And together they have created a magical, and deeply moving puppet show expressing that we are all one…..that Coyotes share the same emotions of joy and sorrow that we do, that they suffer as we do, that they delight in play as we do,┬áthat they have families as we do, that they want a place to call home as we do.

And from Cloud Atlas the words, “Our separation is an illusion.”

And when we truly become aware of our Connections, we perceive our relationships in a whole new light….and then our Actions, and Behavior change accordingly.

So watch for this wonderful puppet show, Coyote and the Boy, Ben as it is performed here in Maine. And then find your own Power.