Urban Coyote Initiative

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photo by Shreve Stockton

“If there is a single species on this planet who will test our own mettle as humans, who pushes us to understand instead of judge, to study instead of kill, to coexist instead of dominate, to become more thoughtful and less fearful, it is the coyote. I appreciate any animal with the audacity to thrive in the face of human persecution, and through that very persistence give us opportunity after opportunity to improve ourselves as people and as neighbors.”                                                       

Jaymi Heimbuch  Initiative Director, Contributing Photographer of  www.urbancoyoteinitiative.com

There is NO GREATER POWER than one’s own desire to contribute beauty, compassion and respect for all life on our planet Earth. I invite you yo visit this marvelous website created by photojournalists as their contribution on Coyote’s behalf.


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Rescue Road ~ Our Dogs and Coyote

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rescue_road_book_coverRescue Road…
a new book by author Peter Zheutlin

A marvelous book that has two sides to it ~

  • * First, the immense suffering of our best friends, our domestic dogs
  • * Second, the courageous and selfless lives of those who seek to rescue them from the suffering and abuse.

For me, when I read about 90, 000… YES!…..90, 000 a year, of these innocent beings, euthanized in Louisiana shelters, my question is? How do WE as a society allow this to happen?  How are we failing these companions who would never  fail us?

Is there a Rescue Road for Coyote, as well? As our innocent domestic dogs are killed (euthanized) behind closed doors where no one need see their suffering, so too Coyote is killed in the tens of thousands, unseen by any of us.

How have we as humans failed this amazing Canine species….both domestic and wild?

When we ALL take action to end this suffering….and doing it in our own way….we shall begin to evolve as humans. Read this book and be inspired by these courageous people who go beyond their small world.
Let us do the same for Coyote!

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Wild Mustangs and Coyotes…and Your Choices

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Coyote Matters photo Jan MyersChoices you make may determine if this Coyote pup will survive.
  may determine if Wild Mustangs will survive.

What do you mean?…. you may be asking.

Let me first share this quote by Al Cambronne in his book Deerland: America’s Hunt for Ecological Balance and the Essence of Wildness

“When we purposely manipulate the population levels of a single species, especially deer, it means we are tampering with every other moving part of entire ecosystems all across the landscape.”

He speaks of deer, but there is another large herbivore whose numbers have been manipulated by our society ~ cows. When the landscape of our American west is taken over by this species, carnivores like Coyotes will continue to be persecuted and our Wild Mustangs will continue to have their freedom taken from them by means of the violent BLM roundups via helicopter.
These two species suffer and die because of beef.

If you eat beef, where do you get it from ~ your local small farm or an unknown source.

To understand more fully the plight of the wild Mustangs ( and burros) you can go to this site: www.wildhorsepreservation.org

Coyote pup photo generously provided by Jan Myers


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Dog Fighting: Cruelty to Domestic and Wild Dogs

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Abused Pit Bull dog

Abused Pit Bull dog

GANDHI’S WORDS ~ The greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats the Animals.”


Dog fighting is illegal in all the states, but despite the law, it rampantly goes on. It is hidden as all violence to life is, it is BIG MONEY…..often the driver of immense violence since this country was established, and it is the cause of immeasurable suffering to our DOMESTIC DOGS.

Our domestic dogs…who go to war for us, who help the blind see, who protect children from seizures, and give us unabashed companionship in our isolating world. And this is the thanks we give them….. THEY HAVE NO VOICE…..and there is no punishment for those who heap this suffering on them.

BUT….. on the other hand, the Internet is full of stories detailing amazing and compassionate people who will respond to the suffering of A PARTICULAR DOG…ONE DOG.  So those connections are truly there inside us!  There are many of those ONE DOGS out there.

And one of those ONE dogs is Coyote!   Like our domestic dogs who suffer at the hands of humans, COYOTE also does. In fact, violent humans pit our domestic dogs against our wild ones, using them to chase down and kill Coyotes and Wolves. This is the ultimate betrayal to the canine species.

Coyote has NO voice but yours! There is NO punishment for the cruelty heaped on them.  So let yourself be that human who responds to their suffering….and ACT.  Each Coyote who suffers is ONE wild dog who is waiting for you to speak up.

GANDHI’S WORDS~ May we evolve to be truly human!

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Courage to Act…Courage to Speak

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photo by John Tangney

photo by John Tangney

Today, the first real Snow blankets Maine…. and today, world leaders and the people of South Africa honor the Life of Nelson Mandela…

It is really about celebrating his Courage to speak for his people and his race and his culture…. But is also about celebrating our diversity and honoring it.

There are also those whom most of the world does NOT know, but who have the Courage to speak for others…. and the others are not of our race or culture, but of  species other than our own…and have no Voice. They speak of honoring diversity on our planet by respecting those “others.”

So I want to share with you a Film ~ Expose, created by one of those who have courage to speak and act…. something WE ALL have within us…..we just need to discover our own power to make a difference on our planet. And within this film are those who had the courage to speak and act as well. Please click on this link: http://www.predatordefense.org/exposed

The first step to creating the world we wish to hand down to our children, is to first understand the world we live in ….and then decide to use YOUR VOICE to change it. Speak your Voice to the legislators of  Maine.  Know that the cruelty to Coyote spoken of in this film….goes on here in Maine…..and YOU can change that!





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Peter and the Wolf ~ Coyote and the Boy, Ben!

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Do you know your own Power to make a difference in our world?

Three very talented Maine women know their power!

And together they have created a magical, and deeply moving puppet show expressing that we are all one…..that Coyotes share the same emotions of joy and sorrow that we do, that they suffer as we do, that they delight in play as we do, that they have families as we do, that they want a place to call home as we do.

And from Cloud Atlas the words, “Our separation is an illusion.”

And when we truly become aware of our Connections, we perceive our relationships in a whole new light….and then our Actions, and Behavior change accordingly.

So watch for this wonderful puppet show, Coyote and the Boy, Ben as it is performed here in Maine. And then find your own Power.

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