Urban Coyote Research

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photo by Shreve Stockton


Our Native Peoples who lived with Coyote already knew all this….

Dr. Stan Gehrt, who has been researching the Coyotes who live in Chicago, shares what he has found in the link below. Know that Coyotes are Coyotes whether they live in or out of towns. Their same spirit of resilience that you will observe on this link can also be found in our Coyotes living in rural areas.


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Coyote and your Family Dog

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photo by Jacques Tournel

Do you remember the song from the KING AND I ~
“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.”

YES …. we can get to know Coyotes (but they will always keep many of their own secrets).

YES ….we can come to not only like our coyotes neighbors, but also come to respect them as well.

YES…. Coyotes know you and can come to respect your turf too.


Below is a marvelous link from Coyote Yips with much solid guidance in understanding how to engage with your coyote neighbors ~

“Messaging” May Include Growling

by yipps:janetkessler

Coyotes live in all of our parks, and they can be seen on the streets sometimes. So always remain vigilant when out walking your dog. If you see a coyote, keep away from it. Most of the time coyotes will flee as they see you coming, but sometimes they may not, and I want to address this potentiality here. The safest protocol always is to shorten your leash and walk the other way, no matter how far or near a coyote is. This sends a signal to the coyote that you and your dog are not there to challenge the coyote’s personal or territorial space.

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Coyotes ~ Protection in Chicago

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               photo by George Gove

In his book American Serengeti author Dan Flores dedicates a chapter to Coyotes, our native wild canine. In these following words from his book, we can come to understand more and more why Coyotes are so capable of living among us ~

“Like humans, coyotes have fission-fusion societies. They are a rare predator to do so. It allows for unusual flexibility to individuals who can either be gregarious or solitary, depending on what circumstances call for.  They can cooperate for large prey, but flexibility allows for more individualized effort in different situations.

So Coyotes who live in a specific situation… adapt to it.  This gives Coyotes the ability to live among us quite successfully. Note the above photo where the Coyotes are raising their little ones in a cemetery.  And just as Coyotes are very beneficial to farmers in keeping the ecosystem of their farm in balance, so do coyotes keep the ecosystems of our suburbs and cities in balance.


So one of the largest cities in our country….Chicago….has brought this to their legislature. In the words of the legislator who brought this bill forth: “Leave them alone.”  See below a link detailing Chicago’s enlightened understanding of their Coyotes value in their city.  What a great understanding to pass on to our children!



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Chappaqua, New York and Killing Coyotes

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photo by Jim Hackley

photo by Jim Hackley

When a wildlife tragedy occurs ….

I always want to take it as an opportunity to educate, and not point fingers. And so, a wildlife tragedy occurred in Chappaqua, New York this month of June. As the story has been told, a female coyote killed a person’s dog and was aggressive to another dog being walked on a leash in a comfortable development over seen by the homeowners association.

The immediate response was to call up Federal Wildlife Service to come, trap, and kill whatever coyote landed in the trap.  And they did so without delay, saying that the coyote they killed they thought was “the one!”

This knee jerk response to kill our fellow beings has no place in a society where education regarding our native wild dogs is available in perfusion. But why educate oneself…killing is easier. This sad event reminds me of another event that took place just a few years ago in Ohio when Wildlife Services decided to kill a coyote for some unknown reason of their own, saying that she had rabies. Well….she didn’t! It just so happened that it was May, and she was the alpha mother who had just given birth to her pups.

This family of coyotes lived in the Cleveland Metroparks, visited by many people…biking, hiking picnicking, etc. No one ever saw any member of this Coyote family. They were very reclusive. But after the mother coyote of this family was killed, the whole family went “into chaos” as the lead biologist described it.  Once never seen by people, they began running after people on bikes. But….instead of killing the coyotes, the biologists roped off their territory, not allowing any person to be there. They then allowed the coyote family to recover from their loss, and they reverted back to their reclusive behavior once again.

Such a difference between Cleveland, Ohio and Chappaqua, New York!

So the question is ~ why was this coyote in New York aggressive? Was that question ever asked? What time of the year is it.? Oh…pup raising time! Coyotes, like all canines love their pups, and are very protective of their little ones….especially from domestic dogs. Was there a den near by, that she was seeking to protect? What small changes in human behavior would have given the coyotes their sense of safety?

What could have been different in Chappaqua?  What have they taught their children?

Killing is the answer!  

They could  have taught them to ask:   How should we change OUR behavior?

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TED Talk ~ Cougars and Coyotes

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Cougar by Josh More

                 Cougar by Josh More

We are living in a time of Transition ~

A Physical Transition


An Internal Transition

As we humans continue to rapidly increase our population on our planet Earth, we are leaving very few places for those we share the planet with. It is especially difficult for large carnivores like cougars, coyotes, bears, and wolves who require large landscapes to survive and disperse through.

These amazing wild beings are showing us that they can find a way to live with us…they can adapt. We are experiencing this especially with Cougars and Coyotes.

BUT……. CAN WE FIND A WAY TO LIVE WITH THEM. And most of that has to do with OUR INTERNAL TRANSITION ~ moving from fear to respect.

Watch this very thoughtful TED Talk by Beth Pratt on P22 and sharing our planet.


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Coyotes ~ They know how to live among us

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photo by John Tangney

photo by John Tangney

in a way only they know …. two coyote mates and crow

Intelligent carnivores like Coyotes have the capacity to interact successfully with all species in their environment….including us. Though you may not even be aware of it….they observe your behavior and how you use your environment, and they act accordingly. This is true for those who find rural areas their homes, as well as those who find cities and suburbs their homes.

We who live on the American continent  are so fortunate to have our unique and resilient Coyotes…America’s wild dogs….or as the Navajos would say “God’s Dog”

They can live among us…and while striving to survive themselves they at the same time are keeping our human environments healthy and balanced. Below is a link from the Wildlife Society sharing the research of Dr. Stan Gehrt: Coyotes living in Chicago… a tribute to their amazing resiliency!
Do we know how to live with them?


















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