National Geographic ~ Coyote America


How important is it to understand the REAL history of our country?  VASTLY IMPORTANT!

We cannot truly understand the perspectives held in our society today … and the behaviors that result, without understanding the perspectives and actions of those who came before us.

I highly encourage every American to read author Dan Flores’ new book Coyote America: a Natural and Supernatural History.  Most Americans have no idea of the all out war on our native carnivores that has taken place in the last 400 years, and in the West, the last 200 years. But despite the atrocities heaped on our Native Wild Canine ~ Coyote, they have survived!

Dan Flores tells the story of this incredibly successful species that will not allow us to annihilate them. Our continent holds one of Evolution’s Greatest Success Stories ~ Coyote!

Read below article written by National Geographic from a conversation with the author ~