Maine Artists’ Expressions of Coyote

"The Ghosts of Evergreen Cemetery by Mark McCullough

“The Ghosts of Evergreen Cemetery by Mark McCullough

Coyote Comes to Portland, Maine!

In a wonderful collaborative effort, the University of New England Gallery in Portland, Maine, 31 artist from all over the state and myself offer to our communities……“Coyote Connections.”  This very special exhibit will be up for our communities to experience from October 9, 2014 until January 15, 2015

This unique art exhibition is all about Coyote’s connections, or you could say, relationships here in Maine (and all over our American continent). Our very talented Maine artists express these relationships through their thoughtful, powerful, and beautiful works.

Here is just one example ~ a large oil painting by Mark McCullough. Each artist was asked to write a short reflection of their work. And here is his ~

“Resilient and clever, eastern coyotes thrive in downtown Portland and other eastern cities.  Last winter I tracked a family group in the snow in Evergreen Cemetery adjacent to the University of New England campus.  Like ghosts, their tracks weaved through the Victorian tombstones. Coyote will be here long after we are gone.”