Mustangs and Coyotes share….Their Wildness

Wild Mustangs

Yesterday I visited the EVER AFTER MUSTANG RESCUE in Biddeford, Maine.  Mona Jerome is a very special woman who expresses to me the power of one.” And she has surrounded herself with compassionate men and women of vision to assist her.

Mona rescues many wild Mustangs that have been driven from their wild life….the culture and companionship, and order of their world….their freedom.  All to support powerful cattle ranchers who graze their cattle on our Public Lands and sell their beef to EUROPE. They refuse to coexist with either our native carnivores or the Wild Mustangs. Our native carnivores…primarily Coyote… continue be slaughtered, and the Wild Mustangs are cruelly rounded up by helicopters and forced to stand in large pens….thousands of them….awaiting their fate.  Then Mona saves as many of them as she can.

The need is great, and she wishes to save more of them.  I encourage you to go to her website  and read about the NEW BARN they are seeking to find funding for. The Mustangs are America’s Wild Horses…and they belong to all of us…spread the word.

Wild Song by Jan Myers

Beyond the pastures of Ever After Mustang Rescue are wonderful forests, and at night the Coyotes can be heard singing their Wild Song. Their song must touch deep into the wild spirit of the Mustangs…reminding them that it is still within them ….now standing not in their wild places, but within a safe haven protected from human abuse.

So wildness is returning to our beautiful state of Maine. May we continue to support this presence that has been so long gone from here….and in doing so, find ourselves again.