Maine Regulations for Killing Coyotes

Coyote in her World by Sheryl Bickel

 Election time is upon us…and reminds us that we live in a Democracy.  A Democracy, where the People have the Power.

Laws in this land are created by the will of the People. That is how a Democracy works. Too, too often we give away our power because we think we do not have any power.
So now is the time to use your Power. Look below to the Regulations that control human behavior toward Coyotes, an important carnivore here in Maine.
Are they Regulations….or are they out right Permission for Exploitation?
Use your Voice!   Contact your Legislators. Tell them you want the year round killing of Coyotes to end, as well as night killing of them and use of hounds to chase them down.  


  • Coyotes are socially complex wild canines.  The State of Maine hunting regulations permit YEAR ROUND killing of coyotes …with NO LIMITS. This lack of protection by our laws continually disrupts their lives and interferes with the vital role they play in the ecosystem.
  • Coyotes are busy mating and raising their young during the months of January through June…and beyond. The State of Maine hunting regulations permit NIGHT “HUNTING” of coyotes from December 16 to August 31. How are coyotes to raise and teach their young in such an environment?
  • Many young coyotes disperse from their parents in the Fall. The State of Maine trapping regulations permit the TRAPPING OF COYOTES TWO WEEKS PRIOR to most other wildlife. Why is this added stress placed on Maine’s coyote population?
  • Coyotes are important canine carnivores, and play an essential role in creating biodiversity in Maine’s ecosystem.  The State of Maine permits COYOTE KILLING GAMES … for fun. Why?